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I am a driven and detail-oriented casting professional with experience working on both bi-coastal film productions and children's television programming. I have a talent for organization, communication, and video editing, which I have honed while casting for projects such as The Burden, Sesame Street in the Communities, Betty Boop, and Ella. 


In addition, I have experience in producing and directing video programming, as well as collaborating with public relations firms for social media promotion.  As Creative Director for the Newark Symphony Hall, I was responsible for casting and directing music talent, writing scripts, creating promo videos, and collaborating with PR firms to promote virtual programs. I also have experience in guest booking, copywriting, and project management.




  • Managing programs and projects within various non-profit organizations 

  • Implementing business marketing strategies, planning, and implementation procurement for various for and non-profit entities 

  • Utilizing a robust pedagogical background in Jazz History/Studies. 

  • Providing quality music education for graduate and undergraduate students. 

  • Developing managerial relationships with for-profit and non-profit staff to manage and produce educational and community programs. 

  • Producing and facilitating special events like concerts, exhibitions, cultivation events, and community festivals.

  • Managing budgets and meeting fiduciary compliance guidelines. 

  • Planning and facilitating professional seminars for diverse audiences 

  • Integrating arts into educational standards, methodologies and practice. 

  • Mastering software programs like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, and QuickBooks.

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